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Can we talk about David Tennant as the Doctor for a second?

Personally, I’m a fan of Matt Smith. He has better overarching story lines, more innovative aliens, a cooler wardrobe, and he got to meet the TARDIS as a lady (who was appropriately named “Sexy”).

But, I know a lot of Whovians who identify Tennant as “their” Doctor – the first doctor who exposed them to the insanity that is “Doctor Who.” And that’s fine, we all have our first Doctors, everyone’s is different.

However, these same people claim that Tennant is a superior Doctor over Smith because Tennant is more charming, he has more fun than Eccleston’s Doctor, and despite his manic behavior, saves the day…


Why is no one talking about this?!

Every where Ten goes, he ends up wiping out half the surrounding population and no ones cares. It’s amazing that fans are okay with Ten and Rose going around the universe being all cute and flirty meanwhile people are dying in their wake. Planets tremble in his wake because they know the consensus is going to become askew very soon.

Why is this not being addressed?!

Yet poor Matt Smith has to deal with losing Amy and Rory’s baby to the Silence whilst being told he’s the reason why people across the galaxy are so brazen and brash.

Oh, but David Tennant can just go ahead and have the Master resurrected while the Daleks get multiple respawns during his tenure. No, that’s fine because he has the crazy hairstyle and wears chucks.

(Although, wearing chucks is a point in his favor because, like bow ties, chucks are cool.)

I’m mad not at David Tennant for having a great reign as the Doctor, I’m just peeved that no one cares about the dark looming cloud of death that followed him.


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