Baby Gates and Fur

This past Saturday we got two new additions to our family. We adopted two puppies, a brother and sister, from a family friend. They’re golden retriever/black lab mixes both with black fur. The best way to describe them is our little boy, Murphy, is a short-hair black golden retriever and our little girl, Bonnie, is a long-hair black lab. (You can tell them apart based on the facial structure, which is still pretty predominant in them.)

My dad and I spent a few days getting our house ready for them. During the preparations we cleaned out the bedroom upstairs that had been used for storage and moved my room from our the alcove in the living room up there. Essentially, we cleaned up my old junk, bagged the old clothes and moved my current wardrobe upstairs so I could have a place to call my own again. However, due to poor planning and illness, we didn’t have time to reorganize said bedroom into a habitable place, which means I’m still sleeping on the couch until I clean that mess up.

It’s not a bad thing, it just means digging through some piles in a new location until I organize it. I can do that throughout the week.

So, I’ve been sleeping within earshot of the puppies, and since I can hear their adorable yips for help and attention that means I’m first responder for any and all problems that may arise. Lately, the problem is Murphy getting his stuck in the baby gate we installed to make the alcove their pen.

He did it on their first night within a few minutes and we got him out relatively easily. Then he did it again. And again. And then Bonnie did once. And he just woke up me to tell me he did again. I got him out, but I felt horrible about my slow response time because I thought he was just vying for attention. This time he unhinged the gate in alarm, which only made it tighter around him. Not enough to hurt him (I hope), but enough to scare him. He’s fine just shaken.

Now instead of sleeping, I’m trying to figure out how to keep his little golden head from jamming through it again. We’re getting soft mesh this afternoon, but I’m thinking duct tape to keep everything secure until we do. I just feel bad for the poor little goober.


About ryantpoole

Ryan T Poole is a former broadcast public relations specialist and morning show producer. His time is spent updating this blog, watching and analyzing TV and movies, reading, listening to music, taking care of his pets, and refocusing his energy into more productive outlets. He likes cold coffee, hot tea, long conversations, and obscure references.

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