Wind Talkers

If you know me even a little bit, you know I love reading Buzzfeed articles.

I know. It’s a problem. I can’t break it. I don’t think I wanna break it, either.

Buzzfeed was always an elusive website for me. I’d see an article or a link from it on Facebook or Twitter, but I could never remember the original source and I hated that feeling. That was until I found this article and a few days later I would reference it on the date I was on and she shared my delight and sadness over it. From then on I made it a point to remember where I had found that article and where I could find more like it.

Ironically, that date would lead to us dating for a while and breaking up, which sent me into an abyss of a depression and spending more time on Buzzfeed than any one man should. Seriously, I have like 50 links saved on my iPad that are just Buzzfeed articles to make me feel better about my life. They.. They didn’t really help because I have a problem with dwelling on the past and figuring out solutions that would probably have worked, but are useless now… Where was I? Right. Buzzfeed articles.

It soon became a habit to find morning show content through Buzzfeed and use it for the show, and because this habit was now ingrained in my beard, I would check Buzzfeed on a regular basis. I started to find articles about “confessions.” Being the reincarnated cat I know I truly am, I would click on them and read through some of the horrific confessions from parents, students, roommates, lovers, TAs, and the like. These confessions were all brought to you be the Whisper App.

The Whisper App, or Whisper, allows you and anyone to anonymously confess whatever is on your mind. Whether it’s guilt about cheating, shame about yourself or you just wanna get something off your chest, you can type it out, add an image behind it and post it to the void that is the Internet.

It’s a pretty straight-forward system. You get to rid yourself of the guilt and someone gets to sympathize with you about your problem. Seriously, it’s the best thing for depressed narcissists everywhere.

Naturally, I decided to try it. I downloaded it, made my randomly generated blog account and started posting confessions. Some were serious, some were silly, and others were irrelevant. Some got responses and likes, others got me weird messages from guys who were trying to hit on me. (I also now know what it feels like to be a woman on a dating site.) Overall, it was a fun experiment to just confess about things that were bothering me or had been bothering me for a while.

And that’s the weird catharsis of Whisper. It allows you to scream into the void and people can actually respond to it. It gives you the feeling that someone is actually listening to you sans the judgment. It’s a beautiful thing, knowing that you can finally get the guilt of something off your chest and no one but you knows that it’s you confessing to something heinous or morally questionable.

What’s better than confessing to something without any consequences to it?


About ryantpoole

Ryan T Poole is a former broadcast public relations specialist and morning show producer. His time is spent updating this blog, watching and analyzing TV and movies, reading, listening to music, taking care of his pets, and refocusing his energy into more productive outlets. He likes cold coffee, hot tea, long conversations, and obscure references.

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