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Mates of State – Staring Contest

Happy Thursday.


The Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

Because my local radio station turned me on to them and you should like them, too.

POGO – Upular (Rynecologist Helium Rework)

Something to help with that Wednesday lull. The week’s almost over!

“I wanna get better…”

I mentioned last week that I found an old blog about relationships, depression, and moving on from the fallout from break-ups and how I started writing something, but then got distracted by work and just never came back to it until last week.

So I spent most of last week re-writing and re-working the sections into bite-sized sections that will be posted over the next several days, but it wouldn’t be a good blog post unless you had the appropriate music for it.

Weirdly enough, this is the song I play whenever I have therapy days.

Hannah Hart – You’re The 1Z

I can’t accurately describe how hypnotic this song about a carrot onesie is, but I can’t help listening to it on repeat.


Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love (RAC Mix)

Everyone needs a Thursday pick me up, especially when it’s Ra Ra Riot and Beta Love remixes. 

Jack Conte – Thrift Shop

You’re welcome.

Check out his website and be prepared to buy it when it comes out.

Sarah D – Gone (Embee Remix)

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and if you’re like all the cool kids, you’re alone.

You’re alone and you’re bitter about it.

It’s cool, it happens, not everyone is meant to celebrate Valentine’s day at this exact moment in his/her life. I’ve only ever celebrated Valentine’s day once in my 18 years of celebrating.

You know, it wasn’t as sad as it sounded until I actually saw it written on my screen.

Regardless, you should still be able to enjoy some awesome techno music remix by an old coworker of mine. You should check out his other stuff too.

The Civil Wars – I’ve Got This Friend

I love it when songs randomly pop up in my iTunes from samplers I downloaded years ago, like this one. 

It has this homely, folky, low-fi aspect that resonates that awkward moment when you’re speaking in double entendre’s to your (possible) future lover about your feelings.

I kind of love it because it’s genuine quality and rawness of deeper emotions. 

And it’s amazing.  

Frank Ocean – Thinking About You

I know Frank Ocean blew up last year, but I finally got “Channel Orange” and it’s becoming my favorite album of late. 

It’s a well layered and beautifully crafted album that even if you hate vulgarity, you won’t care because Frank Ocean is making tender love to your ears with soft, fragile yet dominating voice that you let it happen and you’re OK with it. 

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