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twenty one pilots – Tear In My Heart

Because I’ve been exhausted coming home from work and staring at a blank word document.

I have another series planned, I just haven’t written the damn thing down yet.

So, enjoy some new twenty one pilots.


The Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

Because my local radio station turned me on to them and you should like them, too.

George Ezra – Budapest

Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate that great artists and videos like this one still exist.

Christmas Wish 2014

How did I think to ask Santa for this? I could make a fortune renting this out to people who desperately need it.

Or do the humane thing and just do it for free.

Meh, either way it still beats actually going outside to shovel the walk.

Just take my money already, please.

Glasses of Water

I was going to write a quick review about Jeff, Who Lives at Home, but I decided that trying to explain the simply convoluted story about a man who’s having a existentialistic crisis at 30 and trying to make other people see how his view of the universal connectivity is incredibly relevant to their shitty jobs and messy relationships is way bigger of a challenge than I really wanna take on at 2:17 a.m. on a Sunday.

Instead, here’s the trailer. I recommend watching the full movie when you get a chance.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer on Netflix, but you can still purchase or rent it. Don’t forget to stay hydrated… That’s not relevant to the movie just more like general advice.

Dad Moment


I got a new phone yesterday and I kinda had a “dad moment” messing around with the front-facing camera. I think I might make it my new profile picture.

Video Highlights

Video highlights from the Twenty One Pilots show 4-22-14 at the Town Ballroom.


Did you join in the sing/clap/whistle-a-long?

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Buffalo…looking good! @twentyonepilots – "Screen" live at @townballroom #altfamily #twentyonepilots

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See what we mean?!

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I saw this live and I still can't get over the fact he played drums ON THE CROWD.

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Encore time. @twentyonepilots – Trees. Live at @townballroom #twentyonepilots #townballroom #altfamily

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Holy Water Drum! #twentyonepilots #townballroom #altfamily #WaterDrum

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Twenty One Pilots Acoustic Set

Twenty One Pilots preformed an exclusive acoustic set for some of Alternative Buffalo listeners.

King Charles – Ivory Road

Thank you, Hannah Hart for having amazing taste music and publishing this video the day before Valentine’s Day.

You are awesome.

New Bell’s Whiskey Ad

I saw this video floating around on Buzzfeed for a while now, but I’ve avoided it because A.) I couldn’t watch it at the time or B.) I wasn’t in the mood to “blub,” as Buzzfeed put it.

I took some time during my lunch break and watched it. It’s a simple commercial of an elderly gentleman learning to read and write for the first time in his life. It has a heartwarming ending and made me well up, but not “blub.”

(Seriously, what does “blub” even mean? Is it like drowning in tears while bathing in fat?)

While I’m not convinced about going out and getting my own bottle of Bell’s Whiskey, I am convinced that I’ve taken my education for granted and that having certain privileges that others have not been fortunate to have makes me feel incredibly guilty about not reading more often.

Thanks for the one, Bell’s Whiskey. Now, I’m gonna go read The Great Gatsby because I’m 85 percent certain I didn’t in high school despite what my book report says, Old Sport.

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