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Sweet dreams, kiddo.

I had a dream last night.

In this dream, I had new-found superpowers that I was still adjusting to. While I was visiting my grandparents with some relatives this psychopath a la the Winter Soldier decides to come after me.

I was scared. I tried hiding in the house, yelling at him to just go and leave me alone.

Instead, he ruins my grandma’s car and calls for cronies. He tried getting in the house, so my uncle and I slam the door on his hand and I take a sledgehammer to his protruding fingers. He runs away like a scared kitten. His backup eventually comes and leaves with him.

I try recollecting myself when a helicopter comes through the neighborhood chasing what I thought was the getaway car. So, I leave my grandparent’s house and go to a hero’s academy/museum.

I start talking to my mentor when suddenly an explosion shakes the building; my nemesis with his goons  are attacking the innocent in the museum.

I rush into action going from the back to the front of the building (and some how see all the duplicate heroes on permanent smoke break) while my teammates try to overpower. I show up, kill their battle robot while me and a teammate subdue the remaining three.

We capture them and my teammate, who’s a psychic, discovers they were under an evil spell. We dispel the curse only to discover they’re harmless humanoids and an alien who are begging for their lives, thinking they’re off the hook.

With a blinding light in my eyes, I decide that they can’t be trusted because if they fall again, they’ll go on another rampage destroying and harming more innocent people. I slice the green alien into bits, vaporize the red one into dust and torture my nemesis with lights beaming out of his mouth and eyes before his head explodes.

Then, I woke up in a warm sweat.

I say it was one of my stranger dreams, but I’ve had weirder ones. The superpowers were new and nice touch from my subconscious. Maybe next time I’ll actually let them live.



Forward Thinking

Last night in a dream, I dreamt that the U.S. government finally legalized same-sex across the nation and everyone was super excited about it.

Even the dissenters who were opposing it changed their signs to read “We Can Finally Stop Protesting!!!” And then the Westboro Baptist Church imploded and it was sent back to the sixth dimension.

And somehow I was responsible for same-sex marriage becoming legal nationwide and everyone loved me.

It’s great to know that my subconscious is finally catching up with my conscious mind.

Early Evening Nap

I just woke up from a nap. It was a strange nap.

I was visiting my stepdad (Alec Baldwin) and his estranged daughter in their new home. While I was there, I tried bonding with his daughter, but she wouldn’t get off her phone and didn’t want to the watch bowling championships on ESPN.

So, she ran upstairs, I went out to the garage to see off my family while they were on their to the theater.

Then, some punk who I thought we were related to start coming up and demands these random gifts (gloves, mittens, candles) in repossessions from some foreclosed estate. I didn’t take him seriously, so I started shoving him and told him to leave.

As soon as he was close enough in my face, I realized we weren’t related and I was in an extremely dangerous situation.

He started to taunt and intimidate me, but I found a bat that knocked him unconscious. We placed bricks on him to stop him and I grabbed some random tools and weaponry, in case he woke up.

Unfortunately, he woke up and was passed. I started to threatened him, but he didn’t seem worried. I start gathering my family to run away. As I was finishing up, my mom asked me, “Why are you panicking?” To which I said, “He had a six-pack and those are cinderblocks, they’re not a challenge for him.”

Just then, he comes dancing over with two blocks, one in his abdomen and the other in his arm.

“Oh shit.”

I pushed my mom out of the way and was brought down by the flung cinderblock. He was about to slash my head and fingers when I took an ax from my arsenal and chopped him in the ankle.

He fell hard and onto a bench. I seized the opportunity and hacked off his legs from the knee down, leaving him hopefully bleeding out as I ran away into my bowling alley driveway.

I woke up soon thereafter.

Legal disclaimer: Alec Baldwin is not my stepfather.

Horror Show, part deux

I just woke up from what was the strangest dream I’ve ever had.

I was back at my alma mater going to visit a friend in the newly renovated apartment complex that the university had put in recently. (The weird thing is that my alma mater would never do that for aesthetic purposes and would keep it as a naturally beautiful campus.)

As I was walking the back roads and up through the garage opening toward the elevator, I started texting my friend.

After catching the elevator and awkwardly positioning myself in the lift, I stared at my phone, checking messages and waiting for a response. The group of four or five people, presumably students, were discussing the procedure for collecting key cards and doing spot checks in the complex. I guess they still have RAs even in newly renovated (and constructed) apartment complexes.

As we raced past the other floors, my friend still hasn’t responded to my text and I started to ponder why the hell it was taking so long to make it to the third floor. I then realized the first two floors were used as tumbling and gymnastic floors now.

(Please keep in my mind this was a dream where my alma mater actually built more livable town houses than what’s presently there. Not that those aren’t nice, but these ones were made for two or three people, not the four person groupings they have now. In case you’re wondering why/how I know about the new complexes, I read the brochure. My dream, my rules.)

The elevator must have been the only rustic piece of equipment in the building because as soon as we reached the third floor doors it stops short. We can hear the floor doors opening, but we’re not synced up to them. Then, we drop a bit. A bit more. And just a little… Bit… Plummet.

The older RAs and I brace for impact. One girl is screaming, the younger male is in panicking. We each grab one of them to try and simmer them down. The elevator goes crashing through the cement floor and we wind up beneath the garage floor and in some strange auxiliary basement.

It all goes from blurry then on. I can hear a faint a news van as I try and register where I am. Two of the RAs are crushed, but still breathing under the rubble of the elevator. The other three are in a screaming match.

Apparently, one of them had proposed the idea of making the elevator into its own bounce magic fortress, but when the university didn’t go for that, she decided to extract revenge.

My leg had been shattered upon impact, but I could still walk on it. I turned on my iPhone’s camera app for the flash so I can avoid any rubble. As I’m walking to the other two RAs, strange demonic like creatures start to show up out of nowhere.

They’re reminiscent of childhood cartoons and video game characters. It’s getting stranger. They only appear evil and mutated to the naked eye, but in the camera screen, they’re adorable little creatures.

The vengeful RA (who has apparently been living down in the subterranean basement because conveniently a couch with an extra-large comforter on it) makes her way towards a staircase that leads to the outside world. Meanwhile, the other two RAs have been dragged off by these monsters. So, doing the only manly option available I hid under the covers and waited for the monsters to go away.

That didn’t work.

Instead, they saw it as an opportunity for them to try and eat me. They circled around me, waiting for the chance to tear my limbs off. As long as I hid under the cover, they couldn’t get me. As long as I had the camera app with the flash on, they wouldn’t be so frightening.

All I could do was lie there and wait. And wait. And then, as I felt myself exit my body, I could see them as adorable little creatures waiting to play with me, but I knew they were going to eat my flesh.

Then I woke up in a cold sweat, terrified that my childhood was going to come back and rip my body bit by bit.

Welcome to the horror show.

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